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Awaken the Goddess Within

Join Dagmara Postelle and Nam Shakti Kaur on this beautiful workshop how to awaken the Goddess within. 

Namaste to all the beautiful Goddesses of Northern VA. The womb, the creative matrix. When Goddesses come together to make a difference everyone changes. Woman is the beginning and within her lies the Universe. The future is, always, and forever shall be female. We salute your strength and bowing to each other. We support one another with LOVE, with gratitude. Leaving behind all that doesn't serve us. 

This workshop is to awaken your POWER. You are it! You are Divine, light and beauty. We will look at ways to take care of that Goddess. To look within for answers and how to rely only on yourself. 

What are your Values? We will look at our values and see if they are serving us. We will identify what isn't serving and doing a ritual to let them go!

-Awaken the Goddess POWER with Yoga  -Dagmara Postelle 

-Goddess empowering stories with a Goddess Meditation to connect with the Goddess

-Chanting with the Goddess 

-How to take care of yourself! 

-How to say No! and Claim your POWER!

-How to claim your ALONE time. And ways to take care of yourself!

Join us on this powerful afternoon of awakening the Goddess within! Self Care starts within. Lets grow together in LOVE! 

Dagmara Postelle is a RYT 200 yoga teacher. Obsessed pet mom sharing her passion for Yoga and plant based lifestyle. She has been practicing Yoga for over a decade. She believes that yoga is an effective took to transform yourself not only on the mat but also off the Mat. Her Goal is to empower women to connect with their inner self and give them the tools they need for healing. Check her blog out! 

Nam Shakti Kaur is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, A Certified Vegan Health Coach & Educator, Shaman Healer, Master Reiki Energy Healer, Spiritual Practitioner and Ayurveda Student. Nam Shakti is always looking for ways to grow, to empower, to live a conscious life. Bringing awareness to others and helping them connect with the Goddess within. 

$45 Click here to sign up!