I came to NamShakti when I was at my lowest. I didn’t feel confident in any aspect of my life. I was heartbroken, and I needed a change. She helped me remember who I truly am. I now have confidence and regularly seeing miracles in my life. I am forever grateful for her service.
— Laura Michigan USA
I decided to try the ten weeks coarse. I said to myself, what do I have I have to lose. I didn’t feel beautiful; I always felt lonely and insecure. I kept going from relationship to relationship. I was never happy with anyone, not even with my self. I was tired of feeling depressed. NamShakti has a beauty about her presence. She’s graceful and patient. Each week I felt better and was able to see the beauty in my life. I now have a daily spiritual practice and life is getting a better day! Thank you NamShakti!
— -Marie Paris, France
I am a single mom to 4 boys. I felt stuck and overwhelmed with responsibility. Going from job to job trying to pay the bills. I decided to do the ten-week program for myself. I needed a change! With her guidance and diving deep into my essence (like NamShakti says) I was able to attract a better job, and now I spend more time with my children and abundance keeps pouring into my life and I feel amazing!
— -Dara NYC
I couldn’t keep it together. I was a hot mess. I was drinking too much, partying too much, and felt lost. I did the six-week program because I needed a change NOW! I got my groove back and practicing Kundalini Yoga daily now. Indeed life is lovely when you have a spiritual practice. Thank you, NamShakti.