Spiritual Practitioner Session

Spiritual Practitioner Session


This is a one time session.

Nam-Shakti Kaur seeks to assist you resolve issues in your life, gain a greater sense of self-esteem, and live more in the present moment.

  • Oriented towards changing past beliefs to relieve current symptoms.

  • Orientated toward working with beliefs to change conditions.

  • Assist bring awareness of Spiritual Truth to determine what level you should be working on.

  • Assist you look at your childhood to look for basic beliefs resulting from experience that are still active through the subconscious mind.

  • Assist bring to light repeated patterns of thought and basic beliefs while growing up.

  • Assist you grow through challenges whether “success” or “failure”

  • Assist you sense the unity with God as your support system

  • Assist you to see and go beyond appearances and accept new belief

  • Empowers you to better adjust to life and live in harmony by teaching Oneness with/as God

  • Assist you to see God in yourself and others in order to improve your relationships with others.

  • Assist you see the bigger picture

  • Takes you out of the victim consciousness and helps you see how you are responsible for your own experiences of life

  • Assist you vision a life full of harmony, prosperity, joy, abundance and love.

    After you pay for your session an email will be sent to you to arrange a time that works best for you and NamShakti.

    Looking forward to working with you!

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