Private 1-1 Spiritual Coaching


My private 1-1 sessions are a combination of all that I do. I combine Kundalini Yoga and other healing methods for a deep healing experience.

I seeks to assist you resolve issues in your life, gain a greater sense of self-esteem, and live more in the present moment.

  • Oriented towards changing past beliefs to relieve current symptoms.

  • Orientated toward working with beliefs to change conditions.

  • Assist bring awareness of Spiritual Truth to determine what level you should be working on.

  • Assist you look at your childhood to look for basic beliefs resulting from experience that are still active through the subconscious mind.

  • Assist bring to light repeated patterns of thought and basic beliefs while growing up.

  • Assist you grow through challenges whether “success” or “failure”

  • Assist you sense the unity with God as your support system

  • Assist you to see and go beyond appearances and accept new belief

  • Empowers you to better adjust to life and live in harmony by teaching Oneness with/as God

  • Assist you to see God in yourself and others in order to improve your relationships with others.

  • Assist you see the bigger picture

  • Takes you out of the victim consciousness and helps you see how you are responsible for your own experiences of life

  • Assist you vision a life full of harmony, prosperity, joy, abundance and love.

Nam Shakti lives by Universal Spiritual Principle, using the spiritual technology of affirmative prayer, meditation, shamanism, channeling and life visioning in healing and spiritual coaching. Nam Shakti knows the power of consciousness and thought. She is adept in the art of compassionate listening and beholding the Truth of the person sitting before her.

She is not merely a body of knowledge but rather a state of consciousness that realizes oneness with the Infinite. She serves as an agent of the Spirit for the upliftment of every man, woman and child who requests healing of body, mind and spirit.

Benefits of working with her:

Peace of Mind

Inspiration & Inner Fulfillment

Living the Life you Envision

Clarity of Thought


Healing & Transformation

Sessions are available in person or via Zoom

Sessions are an 1hr long

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