Mind, Body & Spirit Healing

6 week program


Find yourself with low energy?

Are you depressed?

Are you constantly talking negative to yourself?

Are you bored?

Do you keep attracting the same old relationships and situations and want a change?

Are you ready for a transformation?

This package is a 6 week transformational package. Each week we will meet to help you transform your life into a life worth living.

You can’t eat healthy and have a negative mind and you can’t have a positive mind and eat bad. Both mind and body need to be feed properly and with alignment with the Universe. In this 6 week package you will learn to manifest what you desire, eat properly according to your body type, learn to meditate properly and learn to listen to your inner voice. You will gain your voice, power and confidence you need to achieve a life full of happiness.

Kundalini Yoga Meditation, Affirmative Prayer, energy healing + food and lifestyle coaching combine to uplift you and help you find yourself in this chaotic world.

Nam Shakti is a healer who uses affirmative prayer, visualization, reiki, ayurveda, spiritual coaching, channeling and veganism to help you find your highest self. Through a conscious living and a natural lifestyle you are able to be the best you can!

You will be able to contact her for questions and have her support.

You will receive a meal plan.

You will receive a 40 day meditation that will be personally lead by Nam Shakti for the first 5 days to help you find the time to do it.

And lastly Spiritual Coaching and Long distance Energy Healing.

Lead in person or Via Zoom

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