September 2019



I am light,

I am love

I am Beautiful

I am a magnet of true prosperity.

Sat Nam Divine Being, This month we are focusing in seeing true prosperity all around us! There is a power within you so big that when you tap to it, things in your life start to automatically fall into place. You are meant to experience love, joy and true wealth!

If one wishes to demonstrate prosperity he must first have a conscious of prosperity, if he wishes health he must embody the idea of health. A consciousness of health, happiness and prosperity can be induced within through right mental and spiritual practice. By consciousness is meant the inner embodiment of an idea; the subjective equivalent of the idea.

We are surrounded by Universal Subjectivity, a Subjective, Creative Consciousness, which is receptive, neutral, impersonal, always receiving the impress of our thought, and which has no alternative other than to operate directly upon it, thus creating the things which we think.

Each one should realize that there is nothing in him that denies that which he desires. Our unity with out good is not established while there is anything in us that denies it. -Ernest Holmes

Affirmative Prayer:

I represent the Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the Truth! I am the Sat NAM!! every cell, atom, tissue and muscle of my being are SAT NAM!! It never makes mistake! I am a perfection of the DIVINE!! I am the Divine! There are no mistakes in the Divine plan for me. There is no limitation, poverty, want nor lack. I stand in the midst of eternal opportunity, which is forever presenting me with the evidence of its full expression. I am joy, peace and happiness. I am the spirit of joy within me. I am the spirit of happiness within me. I radiate life. I radiate prosperity! I am life itself! There is One life and that LIFE IS MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!! and so it is!!

Where sin once was perceived will rise a world that will become an altar to the truth, and you will join the lights of Heaven there, and sing their song of gratitude and praise. And as they come to you to be complete, so will you go with them. For no one hears the song of Heaven and remains without a voice that adds its power to the song, and makes it sweeter still. And each one joins the singing at the altar that raised within the tiny spot that sin proclaimed to be its own. And what was tiny then has soared into a magnitude of son in which the universe has joined with but a single voice.

This tiny spot of sin that stands between you still is holding back the happy opening of Heaven’s gate. How little is the hindrance that withholds the wealth of Heaven from you. And how great will be the joy in Heaven when you join the mighty chorus to the Love of God. -A course in Miracles

Science of mind definition on SIN; We have tried to show that there is no sin but a mistake and no punishment but a consequence. The Law of cause and effect. Sin is merely missing the mark. God does not punish sin. As we correct our mistakes, we forgive our own sins.

Have a wonderful Month!


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