Mind, Body & Spirit Healing

Find yourself with low energy?

Are you depressed?

Are you constantly talking negative to yourself?

Are you bored?

Do you keep attracting the same old relationships and situations and want a change?

Are you ready for a transformation?

Are you repeating a cycle of negativity in your life?

Do you have bad eating habits and would like to change them?

Want to take control of your addictions?

This package is a 3 months transformational package. Each week we will meet to help you transform your life into a life worth living.

You can’t eat healthy and have a negative mind and you can’t have a positive mind and eat bad. Both mind and body need to be feed properly and with alignment with the Universe. In this 3 month package you will learn to manifest what you desire, eat properly according to your body type, learn to meditate properly and learn to listen to your inner voice. You will gain your voice, power and confidence you need to achieve a life full of happiness.

Kundalini Yoga Meditation, Affirmative Prayer, energy healing + food and lifestyle coaching combine to uplift you and help you find yourself in this chaotic world.

Health & Lifestyle coaches are conscious mentors who provide ongoing foundation and guidance as you set goals and make supportable changes that improve your health and happiness. As your LifeStyle coach, I will create a supportive environment that will help you to make easy, long-lasting changes that will empower you to reach your goals. I coach my clients to create a happy, healthy life that is flexible and fun. Together, we will make a plan that is worry-free, specific for you body type and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance. It is my personal mission to guide and inspire you to achieve optimal health and happiness on a Spiritual Healthy lifestyle. I bring my knowledge and experience to give you the best possible experience that you can have! I will guide and coach you, to make this experience easy and comfortable. 

What we put in our bodies is as important what we put out. I work with you in an internal level physically, mentally and spirituality. Combining Health & Lifestyle Coaching, Ayurveda, Shaman & Energy Healing, Tarot Reading, meditation, meal planning & Support so we can get to the root of the issues. We are working on the Mind, Body & Spirit.

As a client of my Mind, Body & Spirit Healing coaching program, you will:
* Set and accomplish goals in a way that is easy and empowering.
* Support. 
* Transition to a healthy diet and lifestyle without any stress
* Make an eating schedule that fits your lifestyle

*Change old habits with new ones!

* Provide you with all the information you need
* Help and Guide you to make better choices for you and your family
* Shaman & Energy Healing

*You will receive a 40 day meditation that will be personally lead by NamShakti for the first 3 days to help you find the time to do it.

*Affirmative prayer

And lastly Spiritual Coaching and Long distance Energy Healing.

Schedule your Free Consultation by Filling out the form below! Look forward to working with you!

If you are serious about making changes in your life. If you are ready to attract all those things you truly desire. And are ready to manifest in a deeper, soul level, this is for you!!!

I will only work with you if you are ready to do changes. I will only work with you if you are willing to give your 100%.

I am here for YOU!

Being able to really manifest what you truly desire requires a life style change. Requires you to take responsibility and take action, from changing your eating habits to thinking positive and meditation daily. This is what I am here for you!

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