Nam Shakti
Nam Shakti
Balanced Mind, Body and Spirit

I am Divine

10 week Program


This is a intense 10 week transformational program

In this program we will dive deep in your essence of who you are and the relationship you have with yourself.

I am a healer who uses affirmative prayer, visualization, reiki, ayurveda, spiritual coaching, channeling, veganism coaching and spiritual principles to help you find your highest self. Through a conscious living and a natural lifestyle you are able to be the best you can!

This program is about:

*health & lifestyle coaching

*connecting with your body,

*connecting with your moon cycle,

*connecting with the your divine masculine and feminine within,

*Loving yourself completely just the way you are,

*Kundalini Yoga Meditations and Kriyas (sets of exercise) and healing all combine

*Channelling and Sound & Energy Healing

*Private Coaching sessions

*Taking Control of your life

*Finding your soul purpose

*Finding your calling in life

*Getting in touch with yourself

*Developing compassion

*Forgive and let go

*Setting boundaries and loving freely

If you are serious about making life changes, If you are ready to transform your life! This program is for you!

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