Nam Shakti
Nam Shakti
Balanced Mind, Body and Spirit

Experience the Infinite

of your Soul!

Love is an energy. Love is a power. Love is a Strength. Love is a totality. Love has no fear and no vengeance. Love has every answer. -Yogi Bhajan


You are Powerful, You are beautiful, You are Magnificent….

The Answer is You!

Sat Nam Beautiful!


You are One of a Kind. You deserve all that your heart truly desires. You are an individualization of the most Divine and it’s time to take your power back!

Stop looking outside yourself for love and start loving yourself completely! The answers you’re seeking are all within you!

Stop Playing small and step into your power!!

Mind, Body and Spirit Healing is for those seeking to make changes in their lifestyle and wish to step into their power. Are you ready to make changes all around your life?

Be you! Unapologetically!

I can help you discover the potential of your soul and help you manifest what you truly are seeking. You are seeking more than what the EGO (Edging God Out) tells you. I can help you live a magical life. A life of happiness, A life of pure joy and bliss.

Take control of your life!

“I am Divine” is a 10 week program for women and young girls who are looking for their calling and wish to truly step into who they are meant to be in this life. In this program you will manifest what you truly desire. You will gain self confidence and gain your power and voice.

Are you feeling stuck and depressed? Are you ready for a transformation?

Private 1-1 Spiritual Coaching is for self transformation and diving deep into your essence. Need Guidance?..

Join the moment of Women changing the world

The Divine Woman is a Sisterhood Online Community where we gather twice a month Full and New Moon. Please click button for more information.