Self care

"May God give us the strength to bless ourselves. May God's kindness give us the power to guide ourselves, May God give us the intelligence to understand ourselves, and may God give us the purity. Let us serve ourselves to be in purity and piety, with dignity and grace. May we touch the hearts of all in existence. WE ask Thee, Oh Lord: Give us all that strength. Cover us from all our bad habits. Give us the new habits so we can survive in Thy Name. You had made us in Your own image. We are asking: In Your image let us grow and let us glow. Let us reach out and touch every heart on the earth, so we can have peace, tranquility and grace. We ask Thee to bless everyone. Bless those who love, bless those who serve, and bless those who are kind, compassionate and caring. May Thy word of blessing life to be positive. Sat NAm." -Yogi Bhajan Jan. 22nd 1998

Please Watch Video first :) 

Self Care is Self LOVE. We all need to be kind with ourselves and take time to be alone to really take care of our essence. 

Yesterday, I was feeling overwhelmed, sad, exhausted, lazy and all I really wanted was to sleep. And that's exactly what I did. I slept most of the day and today I woke up with energy and feeling better. The lesson here is when your body is asking for sleep, take it! I know most of us don't have the support I have but we must find a way to make it happen for us. If we have to make the extra effort to ask a friend to watch our kids or if we have to let our husbands know that we need the day off, we must do it!! You want a happy, peaceful home, we need a happy Goddess! and this goes for men too!

Taking care of ourselves is essential for our well being. If we want to be peaceful and happy we must take time off to really connect with ourselves. And when we talk about time off, it doesn't involve alcohol, it doesn't involve going out to eat, or getting a pedicure or manicure, it means being alone with yourself. Going for a hike alone! Meditation, Prayer, yoga, chi, whatever looks like "alone" time for you. 

Maybe you have never been to a Yoga Class and watching people on instagram being super flexible, scares you or makes you believe that that's what yoga is about. Yoga isn't about flexibility. Its about tuning in to your soul. Connecting with your being. I love Yoga! It changed my life. And let me tell you I was a hot mess! lol. I advice you to give a practice like yoga a chance. Go to a beginners class. Try it! its the next step for allowing your physical to release energy that it has been storing for years!

In my yoga teacher training class recently our teacher was telling us about Mother Theresa how she took time off from her giving. She would give and then take time off. And this is a great example how we all need to take some time off as well. WE give and give and give! What about our needs? this isn't being selfish, this is SELF CARE SELF LOVE!

Love yourself deeply by really just taking care of yourself. Getting rid of relationships that aren't working out. Really be conscious of who you are and what you what! what are your values? are they serving you? You are a Goddess, You have the power to live a life of abundance, beauty, and love. 

I hope you enjoyed the Video. Dagmara and I will be doing a class together by the end of February on SELF CARE and Connecting with the Goddess within, here in Northern Virginia! Hope to see you there!

Check Out Dagmara's Blog as well! She does private yoga classes in the Northern VA area and is also very passionate about Veganism, Wholesome food and living a conscious life.

Peace to all, LOVE to all, 

Sat NAM!