Connecting with The Divine Goddess

Sat Nam,

Happy New Year to you and yours! Hope this year brings an abundance of wisdom, surrender, joy, happiness, health, prosperity and most importantly love. Please Watch the video before continuing reading otherwise you'll be lost. I warned you :)

Connecting to the Divine essence, that divine female power thats within us. All you have to do is call upon her. The Goddess is there to help us with whatever we need.. If we have fertility problems call upon Isis. Having parenting issues call upon Mother Mary to help you be more compassionate. You need to overcome your enemies call upon Durga, Kali, Yemaya or Athena; the list goes on! If we want to feel beautiful we call upon Lakshmi or Oshun. There is a Goddess for any intention and situation, we can use them all because they're One!! 

You will find God in every Goddess. Because the Goddess is God. Don't be afraid to surrender to the Love of the Universe. Because that LOVE is waiting for you!

In the video we chanted to Durga. One of the Goddess that i call upon all the time. She helps me when I need to be strong and overcome my ego. Like a mother she is who covers me with protection and her love. I feel her. Her powerful presence within me. It's such a beautiful feeling! 

Goddess Durga symbolizes the positive energy (divine forces) known as divine shakti (means force, power, and feminine energy) that is used against the negative forces of wickedness and evil. Also called the Divine Mother, it protects mankind from misery and evil by destroying evil forces such as prejudice, jealousy, ego, hatred, anger, and selfishness.

"Om Dum Durgayei Namaha" mantra meaning in English:

“Salutations to She who is beautiful to the seeker of truth and terrible in appearance to those who would injure devotees of truth.”

Om – The sound of the universe; The essence of everything; The root of Hinduism itself; Usually begins and ends all Hindu prayers.
Dum – The seed mantra (sound) of Mata Ji Durga.
Durgayei – The complete, formal Sanskrit pronunciation of Maa Durga’s name.
Namaha – In Your essence, we bow to You; In Your presence, only You are recognized.
Chanting Om Dum Durgayei Namaha benefits:

The Goddess is said to have the combined powers of Lakshmi, Saraswati and Kali. This mantra is often used for protection against internal or external negative forces. Also, chanting Durga mantra removes the effect of all types of black magic, unfavorable effect of negative planets, bad luck or health problems. It is considered that by chanting this healing mantra daily one gets prosperity, beauty, and intelligence and the Divine Mother will remove the mental, physical and worldly problems in life and shower us with her unlimited blessings.

Furthermore, this powerful mantra can be used for different types of problems that you face in your life related to money, bad luck, health problems, and failures. To make it effective, one must show humility and acknowledgment of one’s incompetence and ignorance, and honest invocation of the Divine Mother’s grace.



Feel it in your heart which Goddess you connect the most and call upon her. 


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Peace and love to you all and let the Divine Goddess within Shine!