Friends with Fear

“Fears cannot be solved. Never try to solve a fear. Drop a fear. Never solve your problems. Take them to the highest part of you and drop them.” Yogi Bhajan”

Fear has stopped me from truly stepping into who I am. I have feared what people would say, what people may think and so on. When I let go and surrender to what I felt, I was able to truly heal.

I ask you…

How many times have you felt small?

How many times have they told you, you aren’t good enough?

How many times have you told yourself you aren’t good enough?

It’s time we change the way we speak to ourselves!

Making friends with Fear, it’s essential to living a life we desire.

Fear can stop us from being who we are meant to be! Surrender and watch the video :)

Let me know what your doing to let go of fear!