You are the Power

how many times have we gotten disappointed expecting someone to be a certain way?

How many times have we tried to change others with no results and we constantly feel disappointed?

How many times more do you need to be disappointed expecting people to be a certain way?

I had to learn this lesson the hard way.

If we keep expecting people to treat us a certain way, if we keep expecting people to be perfect, if we keep expecting them to do thing; we are always going to be disappointed.

Everyone is expressing God. Everyone is expressing who they are. We are God. So God is simply expressing itself in a different way by means of that person. Most of the time that person has not awaken to who and what they really are and can only express and recall the identity that they are expressing that very moment. That person can not behave in any other way.

So our job is to acknowledge the God in them. Our job is to be compassionate and express the awaken part of us which is LOVE!

When we express ourselves with the qualities of God we are allowing others to do so too! Ever wonder what happens when we are truly are only focusing on changing ourselves and elevating ourselves, people around us change!!

I’m a true believer in this because I have lived it!

Be about the business of being yourself. Be about the business of only expressing love! Be aware of your Divinity and Wholeness and you will be aware of it within others! You will stop taking things personally and you will stop getting disappointed.

If you want others to change start by elevating yourself!

The Divine Woman is a group of women who gather online twice a month to elevate their consciousness, no experience is require!

If you are near a city, join a community where you can grow and elevate yourself. I love Centers of Spiritual Living, they have a community all over the WORLD! it’s a community of loving and kind individuals where judgement is almost not there.

You are God and your divinity is beautiful. Its time you start living this way!!


“There is only One God, One Presence, One Divinity, One Power, One Energy. This presence is the presence of God which is every cell of my being. I am the expression of God. I recognize this presence is the Only power. God is forever present, at all times. I see this presence in every individual in my life. I see their special gift, I see their unique individualization of God. I am aware only of this Presence of God, within myself, within others, within all and all around me. I see its expression in the flowers, in the sky, in all that I do. I see God within all, regardless of what has already taken place, or what is going gone outwardly. My only concern is expressing God as me. With this awareness I give permission for others to be themselves as I allow for myself to be me. I love me and I love all, because everyone is God. Thank you God for this beautiful awareness. I let Go and I let God be itself wherever I go, and it is done! And so it is!”

Sat Nam!