The Divine in you

Sat Nam,

You are an expression of the Universe. Every atom, tissue, muscle of your being is made of this essence of what God is. And God is you! As you go on your day bring your attention to the Divinity in you. Simply by remembering that you are Divine.

It’s that simple. Remembering who you are takes a moment. When you find yourself in a situation where you need guidance, bring your attention back to this awareness.

The “Real” you is beautiful. The Real you is perfect! express this perfection by allowing yourself to speak from the heart. Bringing your awareness to the heart changes all that you do. It breaks obstacles, problems, and any sense of lack when you come from the heart.

When you align yourself to this truth of your being you fall deeper in the awareness of your divinity as a self expression of the WHOLE UNIVERSE!

Why wait until tomorrow? why keep repeating the same mistakes and the same cycle of attracting lack? it takes the same amount of energy to change those negative thoughts. It takes the same amount of energy to surrender to the Good in your heart.

Investigate your being. Who are you? and what are you? by searching deeper in your being you can get in touch to this divinity in you.

Each one of us is carrying this essence of love within us. Each one of us is as equally divine. There isn’t anyone that is greater than I am or than you! Remember this always.

Bring your attention always of those things of Good. Bring your awareness to those things of love. Concentrate on the desire to always be good and bringing love to all! even to those who curse you. True love heals all hearts and when we remember that we are all Divine we are able to love and let go and let God.

I wish for you to see the beauty in you.

I wish for you to remember your own power.

I wish for you to surrender to LOVE!

I wish for you to be the presence of grace where ever you go.

Shine on!