Working Out with Olena Lee

Sat Nam Beauties,

Summer is almost here and most of us are heading to the gym. And for those who can't head to the Gym this Video is for you! These are the exercises my personal trainer Olena Lee does with me. She is a lovely, sweet, dedicated person who is passionate helping others the correct way. She helps me making sure I don't hurt myself. 

Sometimes we hurt ourselves instead of helping ourselves! 

For one I hated the gym. I would always feel hurt after going to the gym. My knees would hurt and so on, but after going with her and her teaching me the correct ways to do squads etc. I feel more confident in going to the gym without her. She's at TFI in Loudoun One here in Northern VA. Anyways, this is one of many Videos we will be doing together :)

If you  have any other questions don't hesitate to email me. 


Cindy Small