Still The Lavish Hippie

Still The Lavish Hippie

I have definitely changed a lot since my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and my Certification as a Vegan Health Coach. I don't look at fashion the same. I recently just watch the documentary "The true Cost" its a documentary about clothing. It's about the clothes we wear, the people who make them and the impact it's having on our world. The price of clothing has been decreasing for decades, while the human and environmental costs have grown dramatically. The True Cost is a groundbreaking documentary film that pulls back the curtain on an unseen part of our world and asks us each to consider, who pays the price for our clothing? Its definitely an eye opener if you haven't watched, I recommend you watch it. 

And after the MainStreet Vegan Academy I definitely decided that I would not buy any items that weren't Vegan. My heart is definitely with the animals and saving our planet Earth. So now what? What to do? Who to purchase. Well... its simple, buy Vegan only.

A small business like myself, I understand the value of an item when its handmade or when its simply worked hard for the small amount of money earned. I'm not here to judge, and trust me, I have plenty of Leather purses and shoes to get rid off, but for now I still might wear them. But that doesn't make me less Vegan than anyone else. I purchased them when I was IGNORANT. Yes, ignorant is the correct word. I didn't know any better and half of us don't. We are ignorant of what we spend our money on. We are ignorant on what's going on around us. 

Learn to ask questions. Do what feels right for you, live your life with integrity! This is how I'm living my life. If something doesn't feel right I don't do it. If I don't do the right thing at the moment I forgive myself, and lastly, I don't Judge. I used to judge and felt horrible afterwards. Sending bad vibes to people by judging them is only bringing more judgement on yourself. Just don't do it! DONT JUDGE! Everyone is in a different stage in their lives and all we can do is love them and pray for them. Learn to be compassionate instead of judging. :)

So... ;) This post is about fashion. I love fashion. I'm your girly girl who likes to get dressed up and wear makeup! I'm still the Lavish Hippie! 

Rubies & Peals ( my girlfriends boutique. And they have worked so hard for it! I love their items. They're vegan (meaning they have no animal products in their store yay!) A small business and they're so passionate about what they do! Love my girls! The baby blue dress shirt that I'm wearing inside the blazer is from them.

The blazer is from

Its a blazer dress and I'm wearing it as a blazer. It's thick enough to wear in this cold weather and Spring time. Love the thickness to is! and its on SALE! 

I love the bright blue color, matches my Steve Madden booties which are also Vegan. 

The MALA is from Lavish Hippie :) I will soon be posting them on the site. They are hand made and crafted from the best stones grade AAA. They are blessed, prayed, and chanted like all my items. I believe in bringing you the best Spiritual Items as possible and the MALAS are my total favorite. Reminds me of the God within me when I wear it. That there's something greater in this Universe Holding me in Place :)

what are malas?

A Mala is a string of beads used to count mantras (Sanskrit prayers) in sets of 108 repetitions. A mantra is a word or series of words chanted aloud or silently to invoke spiritual qualities. Chanting is used as a spiritual tool in virtually every cultural and religious tradition.



For now this is it! Love you guys so much! Kisses! xoxoxoox

CIndy Small

Hope you enjoy the pictures! Let me know what you think!!