Mantras and Tuning In

The soul embodies and visits Mother Earth to grow and evolve. We are here to learn how to wake up, stay awake, and operate from awakened consciousness in the physical dimension of reality. 

To understand the technology of mediation and mantras, we have to understand how the mind works. Our mind has three basic channels: 

1. The unconscious and subconscious channel

2. The dualistic/analytical channel

3. the neutral channel

Subconscious and Unconscious

Subconscious refers to hidden programming that directs our actions, controls our emotional responses, and influences how we think and what we believe. Our subconscious operates below our conscious knowing in our physical and emotional bodies. 

Unconscious refers to that which is not conscious, that which we are not aware of. For example, we are unconscious of the neutral channel until we awaken it by paying attention and by using yogic techniques. When we are in an asleep state of being, we are also unconscious of how the subconscious runs our reality show. An important goal of meditation is to train ourselves to become conscious of our subconscious programming and to become aware of the subtle energies of our being. 

Dualistic and Analytical Mind

In a unawakened, asleep state, we humans operate out of our dualistic mind, which is often referred to a s the ration mind. Our dualistic mind, by its very nature of being dual, has two aspects and alternates between negative and positive. This dual function makes it possible to analyze, discriminate, and evaluate information and alternatives. The negative and positive minds have a practical functions to compute in finite reality, in time and space.

Negative is our Protective Mind

The negative protective mind is the fastest parti f the mind and the first to activate or respond to nay stimulus. It operates as an automatic survival reflex and protective mechanism. Its functions are 

1. Warn us of negative outcomes and potential danger.

2. Critique what is wrong, harmful, or dangerous

3. To identify problems to be solved.

If it operates reflexively from fear, it can be overprotective, confused, cynical, and cause us to overreact. When it is grounded in reality, it offers us valuable information and is a good strategist. 

Positive Mind our expansive mind

Once we have been placed on guard buy the protective mind, the positive/expansive ind identifies opportunities and rewarding possibilities. It is results-oriented and looks for pleasure, benefits, and satisfaction. It wants to create and use resources and is willing to take risks. Off in its own orbit, it generates fantasies and indulges in lottery-winning thinking. Under the supervision of the neutral mind, it can help us enjoy the moment and guide us to the future. 


It is important to realize that dual mind does not have a built-in arbitrator or the capacity to make choices. Limited to the negative and positive functions, the dualistic mind always fluctuates and can become confused and conflicted. This inner war can cause us much stress and grift. We cannot escape inner conflict by trying to be positive, because every positive tough is balanced by a negative thought, which means that there is no resolution, just an endless discussion. It is not possible to experience peace, stillness, or stability inout dualistic mind. 

The Neutral Mind

The good  news is that there is a way out of this mental and emotional turmoil. We can tune to another channel, the neutral channel, where we exit our internal battleground. We can find peace in our neutral channel because it is non-dual -  It has only one voice. Instead of discussion, analysis, and judgment, there dis wise knowing and vast space that is peaceful, stable, still, and harmonious. 

The neutral mind is non-reactive and unattached. It observes and gathers information from both positive and negative emends. It sees the implications of the different alternatives and selects the best choice. It looks below the surface and gives an intuitive assessment that aligns us with our soul, mission, purpose, and the highest good. In the neutral mind, we get a reality check that is processed beyond time and space. 

Your voice is a great gift; no one can take it form you, it is totally portable without being extra luggage, it does not diminish from use, it requires nothing from outside to make it work, it cannot sink or drown, it is an enduring presence of inner magic and medicine for many ailments. With your voice you can explain and understand many thing, it is a tool that does not wear downer require spare parts to be replaced, through your voice you have the opportunity to be an artist resting yourself and your own experience moment by moment - you are your word!

What are mantras?

Mantra means the projection of the mind. Mantras use universal sound currents  to rearrange the habits patterns of the mind. The do so by accessing the part of the mind that regulates habits. The sounds erase patterns that vibrate at lower frequencies or do not resonate with the Truth or our true essence. They establish new habits by replacing the old frequency with the higher frequency of the Truth!


Tuning IN Mantra- Invocation/Dedication


"I bow to the Creative Wisdom, I bow to the Divine Teacher within."

This mantra is an innovation, awakening, and dedication. We set our intention and orientation to be aware of the Universal Creative Force (ONG) and truth that take us from darkness to light (GURU DEV). We humbly dedicate our practice to being aware of the Universal Creative Force and the sustaining Truth that takes uf from an unconscious state to consciousness. 

After chanting the mantra three or more times, take a few minutes and sit quietly with you breath as it breathes through your body.

The Seed Mantra- SAT NAM

There is a primal force that has been given many names over the douse of history. The goal of all religions and spiritual paths is to enjoy our oneness with this Source of all. Whatever name is given to the universal consciousness of Spirit, its essence is the eternal Truth that we all seek. So to simply matters and to rise above the trappings of dogma, this basic Truth has been given the name SAT, which resonates with the vibration of the Oneness. 

SAT NAM is the most basic mantra used in Kundalini Yoga. SAT means the Truth. NAM means name, identity, to identify with, or to call upon. SAT NAM (vowel sounds pronounced like "but mom") can be translated as "Truth is the name of God and Truth is my (your, our) identity."

SAT NAM is called a seed, or bin, mantra. Reciting these primal sounds sows the seed of universal consciousness into our mind and body and integrates the Truth into our being. SAT NAM is our anchor, reminder, command, and true essence. 

We all know the saying, "the Truth shall set you free." SAT NAM sets us free through its power to clear the subconscious mind so that old wounds and programs no longer get in the way of self-realization. its recitation awakens us up to our divine identity, where we fan truly live in a state of freedom and oneness. 

Sacred Chanting

Chanting Mantras

Chanting mantras brings coherency and clarity otour mental, physical,a nd emotional energy; breaks down subtle blockages of energy; creates a resonance between our mind and body and higher vibrations; clears lower vibrations and releases negative subconscious programming; and stimulates our glands to secreter, which helps activate and balance our chakras. 

When we attached a mantra to our breath while doing the exercises and follow a oriya with a mantra meditation, the energetic, frequency and radiance throughout our body, mind, and aura significantly increase. 

The mantra sounds (whether chanted silently trout loud) further integrate the energy that has been systematically unleashed from each exercise, supporting an sustaining the increased build up of prana. 

The scared, the holy, the consecrated, these are terms which indicate that there is part of yourself which cannot be violated. Many things or places deemed sacred are done so by human law. That which is most sacred and genuinely worthy of our reverence, is not so o account of human law. 

Chanting is an act of faith. When all rational means fail we turn to the non-rational and attempt the impossible. Chanting is a naming of that which cannot be named; an acknowledgment and a praising of the sacred. In naming some of the endless qualities of the ultimately intangible we solicit, or invite, the manifest ion of these qualities. Their sublime nature results in what may be perceived as a spiritual rather than material manifestation. The naming of less subtle qualities, which impose a more concrete limitation upon our perception of the ungraspable reality of most sacred, results in our attending to more physical forms; wants, symbols, idols, mandalas, etc. The trap of the more physical form in that though they are a form they are not fixed into a rigid material form. Each word is a most short lived expression of the which never ends. Sounds are the middle filed, the means of mediation and relationship between the two poles of the endlessness of the sacred and the narrow confines of each cross-roads in the matrix of time and space. Through the small we can know the ALL. In one repetition of one wording one momtn can be experienced the One absolute. 

Chanting and singing is the flower and the fruit of speech, it gives a melody to the soul as it struggles to find its way in free flight. Chanting is the expressions of soul rather than bodily needs and fulfills the needs of soul by their very expression. There are things that need to be said and yet words are not quite enough. It is the mood that demands expression and this is done through song. Song may carry beauty, pain, joy, sadness, anger, love, fear, etc.

Chanting brings us into relationship.  It relates the aspects of our personal duality to each other. There is also the duality, and polarity, of our individuality and the endless universe.