Doula and Birthing

You're Pregnant? WAHE GURU! Which is to say, the experience of the Infinite Creator is so great it's beyond words!

The Journey of pregnancy will transform forever your life, your identity, your reality, and your future. The impact of your hormones will reshape your body, scramble your emotions, and test your mind. Your entire being will prepare to receive a Soul within your own belly, to nurture this incarnating being, and to birth this young human out of your body. You are blessed with the incredible gift of giving life from your own body. You embody the creative aspect of God. Your radiance and consciousness attracts a Soul. During the 40 weeks of pregnancy, you are the fountain of Spirit to nurse the body and the character of your child. Everything  you experience, see, hear, or expose yourself to plays a part in your child's development. But you have no idea what to expect at birthing? and are clueless of what to do?

When I first got pregnant with Federico, I had no idea what to expect. I was clueless. All I knew was that I wanted to have a natural birthing experience just like my mother did and my grandmother. They told me I was strong enough and I wanted to prove them right! And I did. But my son was in the NICU for 7 days because he pooped inside my tummy. And yes I blame the doctors. They weren't helping me and they had me with a nurse "Practice pushing" for nearly 8 hours. Now when I look back at how horrible my experience was, I wish I would of known what I know now. 

Our bodies know what to do. Our bodies were design to have babies. It's more intelligent than you know. For a lot of us mamas we have no idea what to expect and this is why this blog is written for you! 

You long to be conscious and aware as a woman and a mother. You long to transform your radiance, develop a healthy lifestyle, and uplift your consciousness. You long to give your child and your family inspiration, values, character and an uplifting happy life. you and most women on this planet have this identical longing. You can do it! 

"Man never learns anything outside. Any pregnant woman who wants to give birth to a child must understand how much she affects the child in her womb. She influences her child through the vibratory effect of her mental self, her circulation, her impulses, her feelings an all that she goes through. The serum which flows through her spine and the change of the gray matter and neutral patterns in her brain , combine with the beat of her heart and the impulse of her breath, to produce and imprint on her cild's brain. If you have any other idea about it, you don't deserve to be a woman, or to get pregnant. -Yogi Bhajan


1.It's important you educate yourself about your options. There are awesome documentaries out there that will educate you. "The business of being born" is a great one. 

2.Join a support group. When I was pregnant with my first I had no support (besides my family which is a different kind of support I was looking for) We need sisterhood! Our Soul needs interaction with other Souls! So its important to get a group of lovely woman to support you, where you can talk about birthing! Meet-up has a lot of them and Facebook does too! Google example "Birthing Circle near me"

3. Go to a birthing class at the hospital!

4. Write a birthing plan "Birth Wishes". I loved my birthing plan, it seriously made it so much easier!

5. Listen to your heart and do whats best for you! 

Books I recommend reading:

1. Buddhism for MOTHERS "A calm approach to caring for yourself and your children" -Sarah Napthali

2.Sacred Pregnancy "A loving Guide and Journal for Expectant Moms"-Anni Daulter

3.The mindful mother "A practical and Spiritual Guide to Enjoying Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond with Mindfulness. -Naomi Chunilal

4. The First Forty Days "The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother" -Heng OU

5. Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful -Guru Mukh 


Formula for Happiness

Commitment will give you character. Character will give you dignity. Dignity will give you divinity. Divinity will give you grace. Grace will give give the power to sacrifice. Power to sacrifice will give you achievement. And then you will be happy! -Yogi Bhajan

Woman is not a small instrument of divinity. She is the ultimate creative self of God. With all the purity, she needs protection. She needs a fence around her and that fence is her character. Character is what makes a woman. In the rhythmic sense, She is the ultimate infinity of God. Woman is not a small thing Has she not a big thing. She is the total thing of all things. With her sheer vibrations, She can construct the most wonderful Domestic environments and situations. And she can make a lifeless man A great saint, a giver, and a hero! -Yogi Bhajan 1979

Prayer for PeAce in our Heart

God, give us the power to break through our blocks and barriers in life. Open us life the open sea to touch the shores of the heart. And give us the strength of the pleasant breeze, So that we may hug and kiss the life as it liveth among us at this Time and Space. Give us the values and virtues to be noble, to be graceful, To be glorious in our strength as a human being. Change our values and virtues from the wrong path, So we can determine our own path on which we can walk with sincerity, And physical existence to cover our journey unto our destiny. In thy Name we pray. SAT NAAM.